Monster Girls: Cruel Reality - G. Caine

Illustrations created for the book "Garotas-Monstro: Cruel Realidade" (Monster Girls: Cruel Reality) from author G. Caine.
I was responsible for making the book cover and another illustration to be used in promotion materials of the project.
The book tells the story of five girls on an urban adventure filled with darkness and magic.
The idea of the project was to create a cover with the five heroines transformed into monsters, and the city in the background with several buildings, predominating a gothic and gloomy atmosphere.
I illustrated the characters following the briefing, with information about their appearance and personality, as well as the special clothes when they are transformed into monsters.
Each girl has a color that represents her and the characteristics of a different monster.

This illustration was used as a promotional image for the book.
In this illustration the girls appear in their human appearance, without being transformed into monsters.
So, following the briefing, their appearances change a little, like hair color and shape, for example.

Process of the book cover
I presented to the client 2 options of composition ideas for the rough sketch:
In rough sketch, the general composition of the illustration is defined.
Line art

Process and Sketches
In the colors I used predominantly warm colors, to enhance the everyday mood of the heroines as normal girls, contrasting with the book cover that shows them in their battle form.
Line art

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